2018 Kids in the Kitchen Fall Cooking Classes

Let’s get ready to cook!  With a background in both Elementary Education and Curriculum Development, Julie Dowty, Owner of The Art of Entertaining, created the upcoming Kids in the Kitchen cooking class series with a singular focus in mind: Kids really do want to learn how to cook.  Our Kids in the Kitchen classes are designed to take them beyond decorating a cupcake.

In small groups of 5-6, our Chef Team facilitates each learning activity with developmentally appropriate hands-on culinary experiences that teach the following:  Kitchen Safety, Proper Equipment Use, The Five Basic Knife Cuts, Cooking Technique, Sauces and more.

Note to Parents:  We’ll group kids by age and skill level.   Come learn with us!

The Art of Entertaining is offering two types of Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Classes:

  1. Just for Kids
  2. The ‘Rents & Me


Just For Kids:  Young chefs attending these classes will learn basic cooking terms, gadgets, measuring, mixing and how to follow a recipe.  Each class includes hands-on instruction from our amazing Culinary Team.  Kids will eat what they make, and as a special treat for parents (‘Rents), they’ll make some extras so the ‘Rent on pick-up duty, can try what their Young Chef made.   How awesome is that!?!

Ages 8 – 15
Cost: $45

Available Classes:

  • Saturday, 10/06/2018 – Come Wok with Me!  A Class in Asian Cookery
  • Saturday, 10/20/2018 – Italian Cuisine:  Where Does the Egg Go!?!






The ‘Rents & Me:  These classes are expertly designed to include hands on cooking and learning activities that incorporate the combined effort of dad and/or mom (fondly referred to as ‘Rents) and their Young Chef.  What an amazingly creative way to spend quality time with each other, while someone else cleans up and does the dishes!  A family that cooks together is a HAPPY FAMILY!

Ages 7 – 15
Cost:  $45


Available Classes:

  • Saturday, 11/10/2018 – Twists on Turkey (A Class for Mom/Dad/Grandparents and Me)